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Welcome to E-Reference

We are interested in reference books, encyclopaedia and any form of educative literature. We are a small UK-based publishing company whose goal is to publish odd, exciting and entertaining books. These may be fact or fiction, as long as they satisfy at least one and preferably all of these criteria.

On this website is The Grail. Although set nowadays, the background to the novel draws upon much-established history. In the end, it shows the truth behind one of the world's great legends. The Grail (pre-dating Brown’s Da Vinci Code) is the hunt for the Grail.

With a number of levels to the narrative, it is like a Russian doll; you open one to find another inside. You have a decision: you take the story as it is or go on to look further inside.

The Grail is an engaging and beautifully written story in its own right. The novel also contains a set of intriguing puzzles. Enjoy it as it is or go to the next level of meaning. The choice is yours.

We believe in entertainment and so do our readers.

E-Reference is a web collection of educational material from all around the world and the UK.