21 Jump Street
Whatever happened to the youthful looking undercover cops?

First aired in 1987, "21 Jump Street" was a series of hour long TV shows about a group of police officers who looked young enough to attend high school, so went undercover to catch young criminals. 21 Jump Street was the address of their headquarters.
It was aimed at teenagers and as well as featuring action, it also featured drama with episodes on subjects such as AIDS, rape, teenage pregnancy, abortion, race issues, and child abuse.
The show starred Johnny Depp (Officer Tom Hanson), Holly Robinson (Officer Judy Hoffs), Frederic Forrest (Captain Richard Jenko), Steven Williams (Captain Adam Fuller), Peter DeLuise (Officer Doug Penhall), Dustin Nguyen (Officer Harry Ioki) and Richard Grieco (Officer Dennis Booker).
In 1990, after 4 series, it was decided that the show would be cancelled due to low ratings.
In 1991, after 5 series, the 103rd and final episode of "21 Jump Street" was shown.

Johnny Depp's popularity as an actor increased due to "21 Jump Street" and he soon became a popular movie actor after leaving the show in 1990 and starring in "Edward Scissorhands". Some of his other films include "Donnie Brasco", "Sleepy Hollow" and "Pirates Of The Caribbean" and he is soon due to appear on screen as Willy Wonka in Tim Burton's adaptation of "Charlie Of The Chocolate Factory".
Holly Robinson went on to star in the TV series "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper" and is now married to a professional American football player and has 4 children.
Frederic Forrest was already an experienced actor before working on "21 Jump Street" and working with him was one of the main reasons that Johnny Depp joined the show. He continues to work as an actor and in 1997, Johnny Depp cast him as his father in the film "The Brave" which Johnny co-wrote, directed and starred in.
Steven Williams carried on acting in many TV series and several films and is probably best known for playing Mr. X in "The X-Files". He is now a grandfather.
Peter DeLuise married Gina Nemo who appeared in several episodes of "21 Jump Street", though they divorced in 1992. He is now married to actress Anne Marie Loder with one son. Peter DeLuise continues to work as an actor and has had guest appearances in TV shows such as "Friends" and "Stargate SG-1". He has also directed a number of TV shows and teaches acting classes.
Dustin Nguyen has appeared in many TV shows including guest appearances in "Murder, She Wrote" and "Highlander". In 2001, his wife Angela, was left a quadriplegic when her car crashed into actress Thuy Trang's, who played the Yellow Power Ranger in the "Power Rangers" TV series. Thuy was killed in the crash.
Richard Grieco starred in the TV series "Booker", which was a spin-off from "21 Jump Street". Peter Deluise, Holly Robinson and Steven Williams all appeared in several episodes of this to try to boost ratings, but after 22 episodes it was axed. He is also a musician and in 1994 released the album "Waiting For The Sky To Fall". He still appears on TV and in films regularly.
In 2002, it was reported that Paramount were attempting to make "21 Jump Street" into a film and more recently there have been rumours of Jennifer Love Hewitt taking one of the main roles.
The first and second series of "21 Jump Street" was released on DVD in 2005, including commentary from Peter DeLuise. More series are set to follow.

The theme tune and the spray painted "21 Jump Street" on the wall.
Johnny Depp's 1968 Mustang.

"21 Jump Street" was based on a real life undercover unit in Los Angeles.
This was the first ever show to debut on the Fox TV network. It was also Fox's first scripted series to run for more than 100 episodes beating "Married With Children" by one week.
The theme tune was sung by Holly Robinson and Johnny Depp. Peter Deluise helped out with a few lyrics - listen to the male "Jump" lyric throughout.
Johnny Depp was picked to play the part as "Edward Scissorhands" over "Tom Cruise".

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