Is Emily's pink cat still in the shop?

"Bagpuss" was first shown on BBC TV in 1974 and was set in a shop where a magical toy cat came to life each time a girl called Emily left the shop.
When Bagpuss awoke other toys in the shop came to life too.
Other characters included Madeleine (a rag doll), Professor Yaffle (a woodpecker), Gabriel (a toad) and a group of mice.
Bagpuss was created by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate who also brought us "The Clangers", "Ivor The Engine" and "Noggin the Nog".
The actress who played Emily was Peter Firmin's daughter.
13 Episodes were made in total including "The Mouse Mill", "The Ballet Shoe" and "Ship In A Bottle" (which featured topless mermaids).

All 13 episodes are now available on DVD or video.
From cuddly toys to shot glasses, a wide range of Bagpuss merchandise is now available.
A CD is now available featuring music from the show including the singing mice.
Emily Firmin appeared on the Channel 4 show "The Priory" where contestants had to guess her claim to fame.
"Bagpuss" won a BBC poll to find the nation's favourite BBC children's television programme of all time.
Bagpuss and all the other toys still live with the creator Peter Firmin in the shop.
Emily now makes papier-mache animals and sells them in a shop in Whitstable in Kent.

The poem that Emily said... "Bagpuss, Dear Bagpuss, Old fat furry cat-puss..."

Bagpuss was originally intended to be ginger, but there was a mix up with the fabric bought to make him.
The shop was actually creator Peter Firmin's house.

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