Big Brother 1
Whatever happened to Craig, Anna, Nasty Nick and the rest of the original Big Brother housemates?

In the summer of 2000, 10 contestants were sent to a house isolated from contact with the outside world. Each week the contestants would nominate each other to be put up for eviction by a public vote.
Once there were just three contestants left, the public would vote for a winner who would win 70,000.
Sada Wilkington, a writer and yoga enthusiast, was first to be voted out, followed by marketing manager Andrew Davidson.
Caroline O'Shea, a former sex-aids saleswoman, was next to be evicted.
Stockbroker Nick Bateman, who was nicknamed "Nasty Nick" was then disqualified for trying to influence other contestants nominations.
Nichola Holt, a textile artist, was the fourth person to be evicted, as Claire Strutton, a florist, entered the house in place of the disqualified "Nasty Nick".
Thomas McDermott, a computer design consultant, was the next person to evicted, followed by Claire, and then Melanie Hill, a sales executive from London.
Three contestants were then left out of which the public was to vote for a winner.
In third place was Darren Ramsay, who worked at the millenium dome, and then Anna Nolan, a former trainee nun, was second.
Craig Phillips, a builder from Merseyside, won the 70,000 prize and donated it to a friend who needed a vital operation.

Andy had a brief spell as a guest presenter on the Channel 5 showbusiness series "Exclusive".
Mel presented the dating game show "Chained" on E4, and also writes for various magazines including Marie Claire.
Nasty Nick hosted a Channel 4 game show called "Trust Me" which was axed after just one series. He also published a book and video called "How To Be A Right Bastard".
Anna Nolan fronts the BBC Choice TV show "Anna In Wonderland" visiting exotic locations around the world.
Tom and Claire are now a couple with a son called Pierce. Both have appeared in panto.
Darren had a spell as a presenter on "This Morning" and has also appeared as a presenter on various satellite channels.
Nichola and Sada had a brief relationaship in 2001. Nichola supported Gabrielle on tour and released a single called "The Game" which flopped. She has since become a porn star.
Sada wrote a book about relationships called "Babes Bible" and returned to India, training to be a yoga instructor.
Carloline suffered from depression after an unsuccessful attempt to launch a career in pop music.
Craig is now a full-time TV DIY expert, appearing in "House Call" and "Trading Up" on BBC and "Renovation Street" on ITV. He also appears regularly on the Channel 4 comedy show "Bo Selecta".

Nichola smearing her naked body in clay and making prints on the walls.

There were over 7.5 million votes in the final week to decide the winner, compared to less than 400,000 in the first week of evictions.