Big Brother 2
Where are Brian, Helen, Paul, Bubble and the rest of the Big Brother 2 housemates now?

After the success of the first series of Big Brother in 2000, a new set of housemates were chosen in 2001 to compete in the reality TV show. One by one they were evicted by public vote until eventually a winner was found.
The first housemate to be evicted was Penny Ellis, an English teacher. Then it was Stuart Hosking, the director of a communications company.
Narinder Kaur, a medical rep, was the third housemate to be evicted. She was followed by Bubble (real name Paul Ferguson) who was a fanatical Chelsea supporter and was voted out amidst reports that a phone number on the internet advertising news for rival football clubs had been falsely set-up and would register votes to evict him.
Amma Antwi, a table dancer from London was the fifth housemate to go, followed by Josh Rafter, a property manager and fitness fanatic who had earlier been voted into the house.
Paul Clarke who worked in car design, was the next housemate to be voted out and the final housemate to be evicted by public vote was Elizabeth Woodcock, a website designer.
This left three remaining housemates of which the public voted Dean O'Loughlin, who ran his own internet company, into third place. In second place was Helen Adams, a hairdresser from Wales.
The overall winner was Brian Dowling, a cabin crew supervisor with Ryanair, who won the first prize of 70,000.

Penny quit her job after the school complained about her appearing nude on television. She dated Nasty Nick from the first series of Big Brother and has now returned to teaching English and drama at a school near Hastings.
Stuart and Dean launched their own website, an innovative way to dispose of used teabags. Dean has also written a book about his time in the Big Brother house called "Living In The Box: An Adventure In Reality TV" which is available to buy on eBay.
Narinder presented the TV show "Undercover Lovers" for the satellite TV show Trouble TV and unsuccessfully auditioned for a part in the hit West End musical "Bombay Nights".
Bubble and Dean released the song "Standing Tall" as part of the run up to the World Cup in 2002. Bubble has also worked on radio and has reported on Chelsea matches on satellite TV.
Amma has tried to launch a career in music or acting, but has so far been unsuccessful. She is rumoured to have returned to table dancing.
Josh runs his own property agency which is exclusively for gay people. He also has own personal website -
Paul and Helen have bought a flat together in London. After a short spell of work in television, Paul returned to his job designing cars. Helen has released her own dance workout video and appeared as a health and beauty expert on the television show "Lorraine" with Lorraine Kelly.
Elizabeth continued to work as a web-site designer as well as starting a career in journalism and developing ideas for TV programs.
After taking a step out of the limelight after winning the show, Brian now has a successful career as a TV presenter. He presented the popular Saturday morning TV show "SM:TV Live" for almost 2 years and then presented his own show "Brian's Boyfriends".

Helen saying "I love blinking I do".

Over 50,000 people requested an application form to be on Big Brother 2 and around 5,000 videos were submitted compared to just 700 in the first series.

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