Boney M
Are they still down by "The Rivers Of Babylon"?

In 1974, German record producer Frank Farian recorded the song "Baby, Do You Wanna Bump" under the name Boney M.
After television channels wanted to see Boney M live, Frank stepped aside and an agent drafted in four West Indian vocalists - Marcia Barrett, Liz Mitchell, Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell.
"Daddy Cool" reached number 6 in the UK in 1977, their first top ten hit.
After several other hit singles, in 1978 "Rivers Of Babylon" / "Brown Girl In The Ring" reached number one and became the second biggest selling single in the UK ever.
Later hits included "Rasputin", "Mary's Boy Child" and "Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-holiday".

Had a break in 1986 and drifted apart.
In 1987, three members wanted to do their own thing and legal proceedings began between them and the band's producer.
In 1988, Frank Farian got the group back together and released the single "Megamix" which failed to reach the uk top 40.
Frank Farian went on to create the group Milli Vanilli.
In 1992, "Boney M Megamix" reached number 7 in the UK charts.
Liz Mitchell continues to perform and tour with a band using the name Boney M, and has also released solo material. Marcia Barrett has also released several solo albums.
A musical called "Daddy Cool", based on the music of Boney M, opened in London in 2006 and is still showing.

"Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine..."

"Rivers Of Babylon" was their only song to reach the Top 40 in America.
The word "Boney" in the name of the band comes an Australian TV series Frank Farian watched which featured a police officer called Boney.

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