Bucks Fizz
Are the Eurovision winners still "Making Their Mind Up"?

Buck's Fizz were formed as a four piece pop group for the purpose of entering the 1981 Eurovision song contest.
The original members were Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, Jay Aston and Bobby G.
They won the Eurovision song contest for the UK in 1981 with "Making Your Mind Up" which went to number one in the singles charts.
Went on to have many hit singles in the 1980s including the number ones "The Land Of Make Believe" and "My Camera Never Lies".

Jay Aston left the band in 1986 and was replaced by Shelley Preston. Jay is still writing and recording music and has released albums called "Alive And Well" and "Unpopular Songs".
Cheryl Baker has presented several TV shows including "Record Breakers".
In 1989 Shelley Preston left the group to pursue a solo career as Bucks Fizz continued for 4 years as a trio. Shelley is now the girlfriend of former Spandau Ballet sax player Steve Norman and is a backing singer in Tony Hadley's band.
Cheryl left the band in 1993 to concentrate on her TV career and spend more time with her family. Bobby and Mike then recruited Heidi Manton and Amanda Szwarc and Bucks Fizz continued.
After 15 years, Mike Nolan left the band to pursue a solo career and was replaced by David Van Day who used to be in the 80s pop group Dollar. David was later replaced by Graham Crisp.
Despite numerous changes in their line-up, Bucks Fizz sill perform live regularly doing many cover versions as well as their classic hits from the eighties.
The current line-up consists of founder member Bobby G along with his wife Heidi G, Wayne Chinnery and Nikki Winters.
Cheryl appeared on the Channel 4 reality tv show "The Salon" in 2003 and is now a host on the shopping channel Price-Drop.tv.
Cheryl, Mike, and Shelley re-formed as Bucks Fizz in 2004 for the "Here And Now" tour, and due to the success of this, in 2005 they announced that they would continue to perform as a threesome.

Mike and Bobby ripping off Cheryl and Jay's skirts in "Making Your Mind Up".

Bobby G has now been with Bucks Fizz for over 20 years.

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