Corey Haim
As the Thrills asked in their hit song "Whatever happened to Corey Haim?"

Corey Ian Haim was born in Toronto in Canada on 23rd December 1971.
After appearing in numerous Canadian television shows and commercials, Corey made his film debut in 1984 in "Firstborn" aged just 11, a film which also featured Sarah Jessica Parker and a Robert Downey Jr, who were both teenagers at the time.
He went on appear in a number of films in the 1980s including "The Lost Boys", "License To Drive", "Dream A Little Dream" and "Fast Getaway". He often starred alongside his friend Corey Feldman.
Because of the success of these movies, he soon became a teen idol.

It was widely reported that during his prime Corey had a serious drug problem. He first ended up in rehab in 1989.
In 1992 he started dating "Baywatch" star Nicole Eggert, after casting her alongside him in the film "The Double O Kid". They also starred together in the films "Blown Away" in 1992 and "Anything For Love" in 1993, and later got engaged, but Nicole broke off the engagement after 5 months.
Nicole once said that what should have been a four week shoot on "Blown Away" ended up taking a couple of months because of Coreys drug problems.
Despite his drug problems he continued to appear in films throughout the 1990s, including "Dream a Little Dream 2" and "Fast Getaway 2", sequels to earlier movies.
In July 1997 he filed for bankruptcy protection.
In 2001, he auctioned one of his teeth and clumps of hair on eBay.
After 15 unsuccessful attempts at rehab for his drug problem, Corey suffered a stroke in 2001. He now says he is off drugs and is hoping to make a comeback in Hollywood. There are rumours of Corey appearing in a sequel to "The Lost Boys".
In 2004, Irish band The Thrills released the hit single entitled "Whatever Happened To Corey Haim?"
In 2006, Corey Haim reunited with Corey Feldman to begin filming a new TV comedy show.
Corey is also due to star in the film "Universal Groove", due for release in 2007.

Corey dressing up as a girl in "Fast Getaway" and trying to walk in stillettos.

Corey briefly dated Victoria Beckham in 1995, just before she found fame with the Spice Girls.
He has a nick name "Space Ace".
He starred in a total of 7 movies with Corey Feldman.

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