Does the "Greatest Secret Agent In The World" still live in a mailbox with Penfold?

A series of hilarious cartoons created in England by Cosgrove/Hall Productions Ltd, and first shown in 1981.
Dangermouse and his trusty sidekick Penfold (a hamster) went about saving the world in a series of James Bond style missions given to them by Colonel K (a walrus).
Always foiled the plots of Baron Silas Greenback (a frog) and his henchmen (including a crow called Stiletto).
Dangermouse's voice was provided by David Jason of "Only Fools And Horses" fame while Terry Scott of "Terry And June" lended his voice to Penfold.
Seven series were made in total and shown in Britain.

Has been sold to over 30 countries.
Became an instant hit when first shown in America in 1984.
Was released on DVD in 2001, featuring the never-before-seen pilot episode.
Regarded by many as one of the funniest British cartoons of all time.
You can now buy many types of Dangermouse merchandise including talking soft toys.

The flying car.
Penfold always saying "crumbs".

When shown in Britain, Stiletto had an Italian accent, but American TV saw this as being politically incorrect and gave him a cockney accent instead.
The character of Count Duckula, who had a cartoon series of his own, first appeared in "Dangermouse".