Henry Winkler
Is the Fonz still enjoying "Happy Days"?

After his parents escaped from Nazi Germany, Henry Franklin Winkler was born in New York in 1945.
After studying drama, he had several small film and TV roles and appeared in many TV commercials.
In 1973, on his 28th birthday, he was cast as "The Fonz" in the TV comedy series "Happy Days".
Henry went on to play the Fonz in 10 seasons of "Happy Days" until the show finished in 1984. For this role he won two Golden Globe acting awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Appeared in many films, including the 1982 film "Night Shift", directed by "Happy Days" co-star Ron Howard, but Henry never saw the same success on the big screen as he did on TV.
He has also directed several films including "Memories Of Me" starring Billy Crystal and "Cop And A Half" starring Burt Reynolds.
In 1989 he provided the voice for a motorcyclist in "The Simpsons". He has provided the voice for his own character in the animated series "King Of The Hill".
Appeared in the 1996 film "Scream" playing Principal Himbry, one of the victims of the serial killer.
In 2000, he appeared in the comedy "Down To You" and directed an episode of "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch".
Henry now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Stacey and three children Jed, Zoe and Max.
Recently appeared in a Broadway play called "The Dinner Party".
Appeared as himself in the film "Little Nicky" alongside Adam Sandler and played Coach Klein in "The Waterboy".
In Channel 4's TV show "The 100 Greatest TV Characters", the Fonz was voted number 13.
Henry is an avid photographer. Click here to see examples of his work.
In 2003 Henry began writing a series of 10 novels for children with his partner Lin Oliver called "Hank Zipzer: The World's Most Amazing Under-Achiever" about a schoolboy who can't read or write and always gets into trouble.

The audience bursting into applause when the Fonz walked on set.

He is a spokesman for the dyslexia foundation and is dyslexic himself.
TV producers never intended Fonzie to be the star of "Happy Days".
Fonzie's full name is Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli.