Jason Donovan
Is the actor turned pop star still "Neighbours" with Kylie?

Born in Malvern, Australia in 1968, the son of actor Terrance Donovan and newsreader Sue McIntosh.
First appeared on TV at the age of 11 in an Australian TV series called "Skyways".
After earlier turning down a role in "Neighbours" to finish his education, he won the part of Scott in 1986, who had a famous on-screen romance with Charlene, played by Kylie Minogue.
Worked with Stock, Aitken and Waterman in the late 1980s and had several hit singles including "Too Many Broken Hearts", "Sealed With A Kiss" and "Especially For You", a duet with Kylie Minogue.
Left "Neighbours" in 1989 to concentrate on his music career.

In June 1991, made his West End debut, playing the title role in "Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat".
Received 200,000 worth of damages after sueing a magazine which accused him of being gay.
Was dropped by his record company in 1992 after poor sales of his album "The Mission Of Love".
In 1996, went back to Australia to play the lead in the musical "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".
In 1998, joined the UK tour of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" playing the character of Frank N Furter.
Has appeared in several films and TV series including the 2000 film "Sorted", a thriller set around the London club scene.
Is now a father of two after his girlfriend Angela gave birth to Jemma in 2000 and Zac in 2001.
Following a campaign by Dominic Mohan, a columnist in "The Sun", he has received offers to relaunch his pop career.
In 2002, Jason starred as a gritty lawyer, Richard Savage in the weekly Australian TV series "MDA", and in 2004 he starred in the TV series "Loot".
In 2004, Jason played Caratacus Potts in the West End show "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".
Jason has lended his voice to the character of Buzz in a series of entertaining Playstation 2 quiz games such as "Buzz: The Music Quiz"
In 2006, Jason appeared on the reality TV show "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here", finishing third behind Myleene Klass and winner Matt Willis.
Jason still performs regularly both as a singer and an actor.

Scott and Charlene's wedding in "Neighbours".

An 11 year old Kylie Minogue appeared in an episode of "Skyways" alongside Jason, playing his brother.
His father Terrance Donovan also starred in "Neighbours" as Doug Willis (1990-1994).