John Craven
What happened after "John Craven's Newsround" became simply "Newsround"?

First became a news reporter for "Points West" - a regional TV programme in the Bristol area.
In 1972, the BBC commissioned a news programme aimed at children, to be hosted by John Craven and called "John Craven's Newsround".
"John Craven's Newsround" was first going to be shown for 6 weeks with 2 programmes of 10 minutes each week and proved so successful it was soon shown every day.
In 1986, John became editor as well as presenter.

In 1989, after 17 years, John presented his final show and the show carried on without the "John Craven's" in it's title.
John now presents the BBC TV show "Countryfile" on Sunday mornings, which looks at rural and environmental issues.
"Newsround" has now been running for over 30 years and there is now also a "Newsround Extra" shown on Childrens BBC on Fridays which looks in depth at various issues.
John helped co-present the 30th Anniversary episode of "Newsround" in 2002.
In April 2004, John appeared as a guest on the gameshow "Countdown".

John reporting on Radio 1 roadshows in "Newsround - Special Delivery".

John only missed one episode of "John Craven's Newsround" - when his wife was giving birth. "9'O'clock News" presenter, Richard Whitmore, took his place.

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