Linford Christie
What is Linford and his "Lunchbox" up to these days?

Born in Jamaica in 1960.
Won the 100m at the 1986 and 1990 European championships.
Won gold medals in the 100m at the 1992 Olymics and the 1993 World Championships.
In 1993, he was the first track athlete ever to hold the World, Olympic, European and Commonwealth titles at the same time.
Won the 1993 BBC Sports Personality Of The Year award.
Set the indoor record in 200 metres (20.25 secs) on February 19th, 1995 in Lievin, France.
Between 1995 and 1997 Linford was the captain of the mens British athletic team.

Announced his retirement after the World Championships in Athens 1997, as Britains most successful athlete.
He's sponsored by Puma and Volvo who he works with on various projects.
In 1995 released the autobiography "To Be Honest With You".
In 1998 began presenting the Childrens BBC TV show "Linford's Record Breakers".
Forced to come back for the indoor season in 1999 after a challenge from his training group.
Has starred in some adverts on TV advertising Prudential banking and Kellogs Bran Flakes.
Now coaches a small team of athletes known as Team Linford which includes Jamie Baulch, Darren Campbell, Katherine Merry and Paul Gray.

Linford being disqualified from the 100m final in 1996 after two false starts.
The media fuss over his "lunchbox".

His personal best at the 100 metres is 9.87 seconds, which at the time was 0.01 seconds outside the world record.
He was the first European to run 100 metres in under 10 seconds.

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