Monica Lewinsky
What is she up to these days?

Born in San Francisco in 1973.
Was originally an unpaid intern at the White House in 1995, but later became a paid worker in the White House office of legislative affairs and moved to the defence department in 1996.
Was questioned as part of the investigation into Paula Jones' claim of sexual harassment against American president Bill Clinton.
Both Lewinksy and Clinton denied having an affair, but tape recordings made by a colleague of Lewinsky's suggested otherwise.
Clinton later admitted on television that he did have an affair and asked for forgiveness.

Spends a lot of time promoting her biography "Monica's Story".
In a TV interview, said she loved Bill Clinton and had hoped that they might marry after he left the White House.
Has become a spokeswoman for the diet company "Jenny Craig".
Monica now lives in New York City where she sells her own line of purses and accessories at

Clinton saying that oral sex was not "intercourse" and not "infedility".

Her biography "Monica's Story" was written by Princess Diana's biographer, Andrew Morton.
The famous blue dress that Monica wore was bought in Gap.

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