Nick Leeson
What happened to the "Rogue Trader" after the collapse of Baring's Bank?

Worked for Barings Bank, Englands oldest bank.
As a relatively young and unproven accounts clerk, he went to Barings' Singapore office in 1992, and within a year had made 10 million pounds, about 10% of Baring's profit for that year.
In 1994, his luck began to run out and the markets turned against him, losing hundreds of millions of pounds.
In 1995, his losses amounted to 830 million pounds and Barings faced collapse.
Many executives who were involved in the failure to control Leeson either resigned or were sacked.
After being accused of losing 830 million pounds, Nick was sentenced to six and a half years by a Singapore court for forgery and cheating.

Barings Bank crashed and was sold to a Dutch bank for 1 pound.
After four and a half years, Nick was released early from his Singapore jail in July 1999, on the grounds of good behaviour. He was soon earning big from appearances at conferences and on television.
He wrote the book "Rogue Trader" about his exploits, which was later turned into a film starring Ewan McGregor and Anna Friel.
Nick now has a psychology degree after studying at Middlesex University.
He was treated for colon cancer, but has made a full recovery and in 2003 married an Irish beautician.
Nick is available for after-dinner speaking, where he talks about the collapse of Barings, his time in prison and his fight against cancer. He has also written a book called "Back From The Brink" detailing his life after the Barings Bank scandal.
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Nick now lives in Galway in Ireland and in April 2005 was appointed commercial manager of Galway United FC.

Nick and his wife going on the run in Germany and then being arrested and taken back to Singapore.

At the height of his success with Barings, he received a bonus of 130,000 pounds on top of his 50,000 pound salary.
Barings Bank was 233 years old when it crashed.
Nick was once arrested for indecent exposure at Harry's Bar in Singapore.

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