Whatever happened to Timothy Claypole, Miss Popov and Dobbin the Pantomime Horse?

Written by Bob Block, "Rentaghost" was first shown in 1975, and was about a group of ghosts trying to set up their own business.
It was initially commisioned for only 5 episodes.
Some of the characters from "Rentaghost" were Timothy Claypole (a medieval court jester), Miss Popov (a ghost with hayfever), Hazel McWitch (a Scottish ghost) and Dobbin (a pantomime horse).
Was initially filmed in BBC studios in Birmingham and later in Manchester.

The 58th and final episode of "Rentaghost" was shown in 1984.
Writer Bob Block and producer Jeremy Swan went on to work on the children's TV series "Galloping Galoxies".
In 1984 Michael Staniforth had a significant role as "C.B." in the original cast line-up in the long-running musical "Starlight Express".
Michael Staniforth, who played Timothy Claypole, died in 1987.
Edward Brayshaw, who played Harold Meaker, died in 1990.
Sue Nicholls who played Nadia Popov went on to play Audrey Roberts in the TV soap opera "Coronation Street".
In 2001, "Rentaghost" came 12th in a Channel 4 poll of the 100 greatest kids tv shows.

Dobbin sleepwalking.
Miss Popov always sneezing.

Michael Stanniforth, who played Timothy Claypole, wrote the theme tune.
The original title planned for "Rentaghost" was "Second Chance", but this was not chosen as it was thought it might not appeal to children.
Crime writer, Lynda La Plante appeared in "Rentaghost" as Miss Popov's cousin, Miss Novak.