Rod Hull And Emu
What happened to one of Britains favourite puppeteers and his less than friendly bird?

Born in Kent in 1935.
Emigrated to Sydney in Australia in 1958 with his wife Sandra.
Emu was born in a props department on an Australian Saturday morning TV show that Roy presented in the 1960s.
Returned to Britain in 1970 and soon became big stars on television.
In the late 1970s starred in the TV show "Emu's Broadcasting Company".
In the 1980s, starred in the TV shows "Emu's World" and "Emu's (Brand New) Pink Windmill Show" which also featured the character of Grotbags.

After spending half a million pounds renovating his Elizabethian mansion, in 1994 he was declared bankrupt, his house was repossesed and he moved to a smaller home in East Sussex.
Regularly appeared in pantomime.
Rod also wrote many children's books including "Mr. Betts and Mr. Potts".
In 1999, rod died aged 63, after falling off his roof while trying to adjust his TV aerial.
For years after Rod's death, Emu never appeared in public until Rod's son, Toby Hull appeared in panto with Emu in Windsor over Christmas 2003.

Emu attacking Michael Parkinson, Snoop Doggy Dog and the Queen Mother's bouquet.
The audience on "Emu's World" chanting "There's somebody at the door".

At the height of his fame, over 11 million people tuned into Rod's TV show.
There were actually 5 different Emus for different purposes (e.g. one for close-ups, one for acrobatics, etc.)

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