The Breakfast Club
What happened to the high school troublemakers after they got out of detention?

Released in 1985, "The Breakfast Club" was a film about five teenagers who seemingly had nothing in common spending a Saturday morning together in detention at high school.
The athelete, Andrew Clark, was played by Emilio Estevez who had already appeared in a number of films such as "The Outsiders" and "Repo Man".
The rich girl, Claire Standish, was played by Molly Ringwald who had appeared in a number of episodes of the TV comedy "Different Strokes" and in the hit film "Sixteen Candles".
The high school rebel, John Bender, was played by Judd Nelson.
The basket case, Allison Reynolds, was played by Ally Sheedy who had appeared in the film "War Games" in 1983.
The nerd, Brian Ralph Johnson, was played by Anthony Michael Hall.

Emilio Estevez continued to appear in a number of successful films such as "St Elmos Fire", "Young Guns" and "The Mighty Ducks" and more recently has worked as a director on TV shows such as "CSI:NY".
Molly Ringwald continued to appear in movies after "The Breakfast Club", but after turning down the main female roles in the films "Pretty Woman" and "Ghost" her movie career began to fade in the 1990s. In the late 1990s Molly spent several years in France and only appeared in several French language films. She now lives in England where she regularly appears on stage including a recent performance in the West End play "When Harry Met Sally".
Judd Nelson went on to appear in films such as "St Elmos Fire" and "New Jack City" and still appears regularly in films and on TV today, but hasn't been able to find the success he enjoyed in the mid 1980s.
Ally Sheedy also appeared in "St Elmos Fire" and after turning down the main female role in "Top Gun" she starred in the hit film "Short Circuit". After a battle against sleeping pill addiction in the 1990s, Ally continues to work as an actress today, but without the same success she enjoyed earlier in her career.
Anthony Michael Hall continued to work as an actor appearing in movies such as "Weird Science", "Edward Scissorhands" and more recently in the TV series "The Dead Zone". He also sings with a rock group called Hall Of Mirrors.

The soundtrack, including the Simple Minds song "Don't You Forget About Me".

Judd Nelson was 25 years old at the time of playing his high school character.