The Littlest Hobo
"Maybe Tomorrow" he'd want to settle down. Has he?

"The Littlest Hobo" was about a dog called London and was originally created by Dorrell McGowen for a television movie in 1958.
After the film became popular, a television series was filmed in black and white between 1963 and 1965, with a total of 65 episodes.
In every episode the dog arrived in a new place, made new friends, solved their problems, then left.
The series was remade in 1979 and became a family favourite for years to come.

After 114 episodes, the final episode was filmed in 1985.
The dog's master, Charles Eisenmann wrote several books including "A Dog's Day In Court" and produced a video tape called "The Educated Dog". You can find out more at Eisenmann Books.
One of the guest stars, a young Mike Myers, went on to big screen success with "Wayne's World", "Shrek" and in the Austin Powers series of films.
Megan Fellows who starred in a few episodes from 1979-1985 later starred in "Anne Of Green Gables".
The theme tune was used in a Nat West advert a few years ago, and is now available to buy on the web-site
The pop band Scooch also recorded a version of "Maybe Tomorrow" and it is featured on their single "The Best Is Yet To Come".
In 2005, a DVD featuring a collection of episodes from the original series was released, with more DVDs to follow.

The catchy theme tune - "There's a voice that keeps on calling me..." - Click here to listen to a sample.
The different names given to him each episode as he made new friends.
London parachuting from an aeroplane with medicine to save a boys life.

The Littlest Hobo was a German Shepherd dog.

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