Timmy Mallett
Does he still bash people about the head with his oversized pink mallet?

First began broadcasting on radio at Warwick University and later moved on to Radio Oxford and Piccadilly Radio.
Replaced Roland Rat on TVAM presenting the childrens TV shows "The Wide Awake Club" and "Wackaday".
"The Wide Awake Club" was shown on Saturday mornings from 1984 to 1989 and also featured Michaela Strachan and Carol Vorderman.
"Wacaday" was first shown in 1985 and finished in 1992, and was shown on weekdays during the school holidays.
"Wacaday" featured the popular word association game "Mallet's Mallet" featuring a large pink sponge mallet.
Had a number one hit with "Itsby Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" along with several other minor hits.

Now owns Mallett Enterprises which includes the TV production company Brilliant TV which is responsible for children's ITV and GMTV.
Appeared in "Timmy Towers" on childrens ITV.
Timmy Mallett and Wacaday now have their own websites.
In December 2001, Timmy hit the headlines when he saved a woman from drowning in Hartlepool.
Now lives in Cookham and regularly appears in panto.
Performs "Wacaday" shows in small venues in which "Mallets Mallet" is played (mainly between students).
In 2004, Timmy went to Australia to be stand-in on the UK TV show "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" in case anyone dropped out, but unfortunately for Timmy no-one did and the show was eventually won by Kerry McFadden.

When Timmy kept saying "Bleh" and called the viewers "Wideawakers".
Timmy hitting Margaret Thatcher with his mallet.

Mike Myers of "Austin Powers" fame got his big break in showbiz alongside Timmy in "The Wide Awake Club".
For charity, Timmy once sat in every seat of Manchester United's and Manchester City's football stadiums.